P1000724Solar hot water is a great alternative to gas and electric hot water systems.

Australia has such a great natural resource of abundant sunshine, nearly all year round. Solar systems for hot water are an ideal choice to maximize this advantage.

Not only are solar powered hot water systems eco-friendly for the planet, reducing your home or business’s carbon footprint, but they can also dramatically reduce your monthly energy bills.

Solar hot water can reduce your monthly bills as much as 70% on average. Some families reduce their hot water bills down to zero. Just imagine what that could do for your monthly budget.

Is Solar Right For You?

There is no doubt that a solar hot water system will significantly help to reduce your energy consumption. Traditional tanks heat a volume of hot water all day and all night. That is an incredible waste of energy, which you end up paying for each month.

In most cases, medium and larger-sized families pay for the solar hot water system in as little as five years, just by reducing their energy bills. Smaller families or households that use less hot water may find a different solution is better for them, such as an energy-rated gas hot water system or a continuous flow hot water system.

Cavana Hot Water can let you know the ideal hot water system based on your previous energy and water usage and tailor a solution for you that is ideal in both performance and cost.

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Cavana Hot Water has been proudly serving the New South Wales region since 1993. Our expert team is certified in all major Australian brands, including the leaders in solar water technology. We offer a free, no-obligation quote for solar hot water, including parts and installation. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services.

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Solahart Roof Mounted System
Thermosiphon Roof Mounted Systems:
Solahart’s roof mounted tank systems save space at ground level and their elegant simplicity make them efficient and reliable.

Solahart Split System Solar Water HeaterSolahart Split System Solar Water Heaters:
Solahart’s split system solar water heaters are designed to give you the maximum flexibility of installation locations.

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