Rinnai Hot Water

Rinnai Hot Water is a trusted brand with Australian homeowners. Cavana Hot Water can help you choose from their range to best suit your usage needs and your budget. Our Rinnai range includes:

  • Rinnai Electric storage system
  • Rinnai Gas storage systems
  • Rinnai continuous flow systems

Since 1920, Rinnai has been a global brand with a presence in over eight countries worldwide. Their hot water systems are recognised as among the best in the world for their efficiency and reliability.

Cavana Hot Water is an ideal provider, installer, and servicer for all Rinnai hot water units.

Cavana Hot Water can build the ideal Rinnai hot water solution for your home. Our hot water experts will meet with you to determine the best unit for your budget and your hot water usage. With our partnership with Rinnai, Cavana Hot Water can ensure that you’ll get a great price and great customer service.

Manufacturers of hot water systems each have their own particular way of doing things with installation. Relying on a generic installer can damage your Rinnai hot water system or create inefficiencies in keeping your water warm. Cavana Hot Water will ensure that your new Rinnai hot water system is installed perfectly the first time.

Cavana Hot Water is also available for any Rinnai repairs. We understand that you don’t always get to choose when you need a service call. As a result, our service team is available day or night, whenever you need us.

24/7 Service
When we visit your home on a service call, you will pay only a fixed fee and for any necessary service parts. You will never pay for labour. We’re confident that our expert team can get your hot water system back online as quickly as possible.

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Rinnai Electric Storage Systems
Electric Storage Systems

Rinnai Gas Storage Systems
Gas Storage Systems

Rinnai Hot Water System – Continuous Flow
Continuous Flow Hot Water