AquaMaxCavana Hot Water is a licensed service agent for AquaMax water heaters. Whether you need an electric hot water storage system, a gas-heated storage system, or a continuous flow option, Cavana Hot Water can help. In addition to installation, Cavana Hot Water also offers full customer support for repairs and emergencies, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Choose from a fine line of AquaMax products, including:

  • AquaMax Electric Vitreous Enamel (available in 50L – 400L)
  • AquaMax Electric Stainless Steel (available in 80L – 315L)
  • AquaMax Five Star Gas Water Heaters (available in 270L – 390L)
  • AquaMax Gas Continuous Flow Systems (available in flow rates of 20 – 26L per minute)

AquaMax has been a household name in Australian hot water systems since 1988. All AquaMax products are backed by a 5-year or 10-year full service warranty. You can choose your hot water system with complete confidence in AquaMax’s industry-leading technology and service.

All of AquaMax’s products are made in Australia in our award winning manufacturing plant.

New Stainless Steel Storage Tanks
AquaMax has released a new line of hot water storage systems in 2013 that utilised Stainless Steel storage tanks. These stainless steel tanks are designed for longevity and performance, backed with a 10-year full service guarantee. Stainless steel tanks are also up to 50% lighter and exceed government-mandated energy efficiency standards by up to 27% percent. That’s real savings to your pocket with lower monthly bills.

In addition, the stainless steel material means that there is less chance of corrosion. That means less maintenance and a longer life. Save money on your bill, on your repairs, and enjoy plentiful hot water for years to come.

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Aquamax Hot Water Systems - Electric
AquaMax Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Systems
Backed by a TEN YEAR cylinder warranty

Aquamax Hot Water Systems - Gas
AquaMax Stainless Steel Gas Hot Water Systems five star TEN YEAR warranty

AquaMax Gas Continuous Flow Systems
AquaMax Gas Continuous Flow Systems