About Cavana Hot Water

We are a small company who specialise exclusively in installing and maintaining all types of hot water systems. We are based in both Melbourne and Sydney.

The company was first started in 1993 by Alan Cavana and quickly started specialising in hot water due to Alan’s credential’s and expertise in this area. Cavana Hot Water employ both plumbers and electricians, enabling us to meet all of your hot water system needs.

Cavana Hot Water is local and offer a 24/7 call service so we can respond to your needs quickly.

At Cavana Hot Water, we pride ourselves on our professionalism. We believe in offering a quality service that encompasses our technical expertise with respect for our clients’ time and budget. We will discuss with you what your specific hot water needs are and how we can meet them.

Call us now on 02 9829 6299 to discuss your needs.