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Dux Hot Water is the largest locally owned hot water manufacturer in Australia. They have been leading the way in research and development for more efficient and more reliable hot water systems since 1915. All of the Dux Hot Water systems are stylishly designed and have options for both internal and external installation.

You need the company that has the most experience with Australia’s tough summer climate. You need Dux Hot Water.

Electric Hot Water Systems
Dux Hot Water offers hot water tanks that are heated electrically. Electric tanks maintain a pre-heated amount of water with an internal thermostat – so you will always have hot water whenever you want it.

There are several different tank sizes of to meet your needs, from 25L all the up to a twin 400L tank. Regardless of your hot water needs, we’ve got you covered.

Electric hot water systems are very common throughout Australia, but there are pros and cons for their use. At Cavana, we can help determine if an electric hot water tank is right for your needs and for your budget.

Gas Hot Water Systems
Like the electric hot water system above, the gas-powered unit also maintains a tank of water that is heated in storage. Dux Hot Water has several different sizes depending on your amount of usage and your budget.

Available in both 4-star and 5-star efficiency, the Dux gas storage system will save you money in comparison to other units by dramatically reducing heat loss.

Continuous Flow
A Continuous Flow Hot Water System, also called on-demand hot water, saves you money by cutting down your energy bill dramatically by only heating the water as you need it. Common storage tanks heat the water inside day and night, regardless of whether you need it. Why pay for something you are not using?

With a 5-star energy rating, the Continuous Flow Hot Water System can cut your hot water bill by as much as 40%. And the great news – you’ll never run out of hot water.

Solar Boosted – Gas or Electric
Another option is to use solar power to boost your gas or electric-heated water tank. With Australia’s sun-rich climate, solar power is a great way to cut down on energy bills while also reducing your own carbon footprint.

Solar boosted hot water systems are available in 315L for gas systems and 250L, 315L, and 400L electrical units. Your water is heated efficiently with the rays of the sun and is collected on a two or three panel configuration – depending on the size of your tank.

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Dux Electric Hot Water Systems
Electric Hot Water Systems

Dux Gas Hot Water Systems
Gas Hot Water Systems

Dux Continuous Water Flow Systems
Continuous Flow

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