Vulcan Hot WaterVulcan Hot Water Heaters

Vulcan Hot Water Heaters are known for their tough, durable construction as well as their reliability for a long life. They are known for their quality and performance. Cavana Hot Water proudly supplies, installs, and repairs the full line of high-quality Vulcan hot water systems.

Our Vulcan hot water systems include:

  • Vulcan Gas Hot Water Systems
  • Vulcan Electric Hot Water Systems
  • Vulcan Gas-Boosted Solar Indirect Systems
  • Vulcan Freeloader 4-star Gas Hot Water System

Vulcan’s promise to their customers is to provide high-quality, high-performance hot water systems at a great price. That’s a winning formula for every customer.

Forged Tough
Vulcan hot water storage systems are made from the very best materials, including high strength steel able to stand high temperatures that cycle back and forth. Lesser hot water tanks eventually bend and break with the constant expansion that high temperature brings.

Vulcan is forged tough with a ceramic interior lining to further extend its performance and longevity. The inside of our tanks are just as strong as the steel exterior.

24/7 Servicing
Cavana Hot Water knows that losing hot water is a major inconvenience that you simply should not have to endure for long. Our service team guarantees same-day repairs to get your hot water system back online as soon as possible. We know that Vulcan hot water systems are the most reliable products in Australia, but we’re available just in case you need us – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Combining Vulcan’s excellent product warranties with their high-quality hot water storage systems and Cavana Hot Water’s team of service and installation experts, you’ve got a winning combination backing your hot water system.

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Vulcan Water Heaters
Gas & Electric Water Heater

Vulcan Gas Boosted System
VSi160 Gas boosted Solar Indirect System

Vulcan Freeloader
FREELOADER 4 Star Gas Hot Water